The Shape of Oscar

shape of water2

So…I’m sure we’ve all heard the Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water got 13 Oscar nominations, in just about every category, except for a couple. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

First of all, I’m thrilled and so happy for del Toro and the rest of the creators of this film to see them get the recognition they so richly deserve. I mean, to have this film beat out Universal’s The Mummy in nominations is just incredible! Oh wait…I don’t remember seeing that title anywhere. Maybe I’m thinking the Razzies. I wonder if the heads of Universal are re-thinking their decisions. Maybe they’ll realize that they need to let creative filmmakers do what they do best and leave them alone to do it!

We all know that this film will probably just win all the technical awards, but just for it, and del Toro to be nominated does my genre heart wonders, and I couldn’t be happier. Now sure, this is not a horror film. As the director himself puts it, it is a “fairy tale for trouble times”, though it really does have a lot of elements that flow through several genres. But the fact that the film Get Out, which is 100% a horror film, no matter what anybody says, actually got a nomination for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, AND Best Actor…holy crap! Now again, we all know these won’t win because of what they are. But it is nice to see it happen anyway.

shape of water3.png

Now….no way I’m going to let this go without a little bitching. First of all, I hope to be alive one day when an actor like Doug Jones gets an actor nomination for a performance like he gave here in Shape. Yes, he IS an actor in that film. NOT a suit performer, but an ACTOR! He gives shows more acting prowess and talent in this film than some actors do throughout their whole career! And he did that completely covered in makeup and a suit. That is truly an injustice if I ever saw one.

And the other complaint, here’s the obvious one. The Shape of Water was nominated in 13 different categories, from acting, directing, to all the technical ones like sound, editing, etc. So how in the hell did this not get an nomination for Best Makeup?!?!? The work that Legacy Effects (not to mention quite a few other people that had their hands in the development of the creature’s design) is simply stunning and is just beautiful to look at. For some reason, there are only 3 films that can be nominated for Best Makeup & Hairstyling

shape of water1

And since when did they combine Hair and Makeup into one category??? Seriously?

Here’s a film where they create an entirely new creature, literally from head to toe, and bring it to life, and no nomination. For shame.

Okay…rant over. Congrats to Guillermo del Toro, Doug Jones, and everyone else that something to do with this beautiful film. My fingers will be crossed on Oscar night.


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