2017 Year in Review Part 4: The Year of Naschy

I’m not sure when or where the “Year of Naschy” term came up, but it really did describe 2017. We had not one, but TWO Naschy Collections released on Blu-ray this year, giving fans TEN titles on Blu-ray, with some of these titles hitting a digital format here in the US for the first time. I can’t tell you how freaking amazing it was to finally see Night of the Howling Beast (1975), or Werewolf and the Yeti as being the title this print was under, in a print that you can actually see! The old VHS Super Video print was so dark that there were many of the night sequences (even though they were shot in daylight) that you couldn’t see what was going on! So that title alone was just a treat for fans. And since it is one of my favorites of the Daninsky series, I watched it the very night I got that collection in the mail.

Horror RisesBut then we also so have even more Naschy titles that have come out or will be shortly, that is enough to make any Naschy fan overwhelmed with excitement! But it doesn’t stop there! We also got the soundtracks for two of his films released on CD, one of them being my first and still all-time favorite of his, Horror Rises from the Tomb, put out by Quartet Records. One can only hope this is the first of many.

And if that wasn’t enough, the news of a 35mm 3D print of Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror making the  festival rounds is something that I never thought would ever happen. I just hope and pray that it comes over to the Midwest at some point, because I need to see this on the big screen!

Sometimes even the smallest thing can put a smile on your face and know that his work is still making an impact decades later. Earlier this year, I saw one of those cheap DVD collection of horror movies entitled Legends of Horror, and alongside names like Hitchcock, Price, Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney Jr., there was Naschy. Seeing Naschy on the cover of a new magazine, sitting on the bookshelves at one of the last remaining bookstore chains, shows the power and love for this man’s incredible legacy, which I think is growing stronger each and every year.

Naschy TattoosTo commemorate this Year of Naschy, I got my second tattoo of him, adding the devious Alaric de Marnac right below the werewolf one I got a couple years ago on my right arm. At some point, it will turn into a larger Naschy tribute piece, but I wanted to make sure this great character of his is represented. Thanks again to Steve Forster from Mark of Excellent Tattoos for the incredible artwork!

The best part of this Year of Naschy is that it will continue in 2018, with more Blu-ray releases still to come, along with two different books on him and his work, one will hopefully be out early in the year. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Naschy for doing what he wanted to do for all those years and continued to make the kind of films that HE wanted to make, even when they were not popular to make, even in a country where they not only didn’t respect what he was doing, but at times didn’t want anything to do with them. But he continued on anyway. If there is ever a lesson to be taken from this man it is to make sure you follow your heart’s passion, no matter what anybody tells you. Long Live Paul Naschy!

Next up…Our Picks for Best and Worst Movies

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