2017 Year in Review Part 3: BOOKS!


With as many titles that I add to my library each and every year, if I don’t force myself some rules, I’ll never get through some of these. Back in 2015, I’ve set myself a goal to get through at least one book per month. That year I almost made it, getting through eleven. Then last year, I devoured fourteen titles! Then this year I did even one better and made it to fifteen titles. Trust me, I wish I had the time to double that number since when you have over a thousand titles in your library, and are constantly adding new ones, it is a never ending quest. But one I that I just love. Just like my Best Of movie lists, these are not titles that came out this last year, but ones that I finally got around to. Out of those fifteen, here are the top five that I would recommend the most:

  • A Youth in Babylon by David F. Friedman – The stories this man has, being one of the original 40 Thieves, is something that every fan of exploitation cinema needs to hear. They are priceless and so much fun.
  • Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration by Gregory William Mank – If you are looking for a book on Boris Karloff and/or Bela Lugosi, then this is your book. There is so much background on these two icons, not just them working together, but their own history as well. It really is an essential tome in any horror fans library.
  • It Came from the Video Aisles by Dave Jay, William S. Wilson, & Torsten Dewi – I’m not even a huge fan of Full Moon and their movies, but I do love reading about low budget filmmaking and there is no one more interesting at this than Charles Band and Full Moon. This book was a real joy to read with plenty of great stories from the trenches.
  • Twisted Visions: Interviews with Cult Horror Filmmakers by Matthew Edwards and Interviews Too Shocking to Print! by Justin Humphreys – I’m putting both of these titles together because they are similar in content, interviewing filmmakers that are not too well known, even though they should be. Both Edwards and Humphreys did an incredible job bringing information about these unsung heroes of cult and B-movie productions that really need to be remembered for the stellar work they did, usually with little or no money or time, or both.


Up Next….The Year of Naschy!

2 thoughts on “2017 Year in Review Part 3: BOOKS!

  1. hi john , i’m a newbie to your site and very much enjoy your posts . know what you mean with keeping up new book releases , i’m still trying to get round to my copy of Stephen Throwers Jess Franco epic “Murderous Passions” , been a coupla years or so now , never can quite find time and/or opportunity plus always other tempting stuff comes along such as essential mags as The Dark Side” and “Shock Cinema” for example. Also I like to re-read titles every coupla years or so which of course soaks up more available free time .A good example would be “Rudolph Grey’s ” Nightmare of Ecstasy” jaw dropping biography of Ed. Wood jr , had this since 1992 and still re-read it frequently . One mag I wish was still going would be “Psychotronic Video” . Anyhow I would say genre fans are enjoying a golden age of dedicated mags , books , etc these last few years compared to when I was a kid in England in the 1960’s and to some extent the 70’s when the genre was generally looked down upon as being for the feeble minded and /or depraved. Personally i’d love to know what other gems you have in your personal library but i’m sure you’d never have time to list ’em all ! Thanks for so much fun reading .

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    • Hey Martin…thanks for the long comment. I’m glad you’ve found my site and getting some enjoyment out of it! I do agree that books are definitely not on their way out. I think the big commercial magazine might be having some problems but yet there are others that are still holding their own.

      I know how you feel about Thrower’s Franco book. I haven’t started that one just yet. Hell, I’m still slowly working my way through Nightmare USA! That is one amazing tome! I have a wee bit over 1000 titles in my library, so yeah, there are more than few gems in there. From video and movie guides, biographies and autobiographies, titles on specific films and sub-genres, to even a large section just on Hammer, there is more than enough to keep me busy for many years to come.


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