Soundtrack Review: Saw Anthology

Saw Anthology
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017
2-Discs with 66 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 1 hr. & 20 min.
Music by Charlie Clouser

It’s kind of amazing that the Saw series has continued for this long and pretty much kept the same plot line throughout them. Whether you like them or not, that is a pretty impressive. Same with composer Charlie Clouser, who has worked on each of the films. He has created a very unique sound and feeling for this series and that theme flows through them all, with a very industrial-sounding feel to them. Which, considering all the mechanical traps and abandoned warehouses the films take place in, it fits perfectly, especially with the main theme popping up in different parts of each movie, usually during the big ending.

This main theme appears throughout this collection of tracks, that composer Clouser spent close to a month going through more than 12 hours of music to get it down to a little over 2 hours. If you’re not sure you know the theme, you’ll know it when you do hear it, like in Track 8 on Disc 1, entitled Hello Zepp + Overture. There are other tracks, like The Rules that sound like something you’d hear at an Industrial club in the ’90s, or other tracks like Hello Sam that is not music really but a sequence of sounds, low shrieking, almost like metal scraping across another piece of metal, that is highly effective in building mood.

The two discs go back and forth between these kinds of loud and grinding pounding and rhythm, to the quieter but eerier mood sounds. When the beats pick up, like a drummer going mad in an old factory, its right in your face (or ears, really), such as the track Bucket Heads, and is highly effective. Myself, I tended to like more atmospheric sequences, as well as when the main theme comes back into play.

All in all, if you are the slightest fan of this series, I really think you will enjoy this Anthology. There’s plenty of emotions coming through these two+ hours of music here. As we’ve heard Jigsaw say so many times before, “The choice is yours.”

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