Soundtrack Review: The Shining (1997)

the shining 1997

The Shining (1997)
Released by Varèse Sarabande Records, 2017
3 Discs – 64 Tracks with a Total Running time of 2 hr. 29 min.
Music by Nicholas Pike

Being released for the first time, Varèse Sarabande has unleashed Nicholas Pike’s epic score for the 1997 mini-series version of Stephen King’s The Shining. It’s common knowledge that King wasn’t particularly fond of the movie version of his novel, so with him writing the screenplay and directed by long time King collaborator, director Mick Garris, they made a version that he would be happy with. Pike was in charge of bringing the sense of dread in musical form for the mini-series. And he does a fine job with it too.

This is the first time I’ve had to review a 3-disc soundtrack and it was an epic undertaking, trying to see if the feel and themes of it goes throughout the entire score. The one thing that does, is that sense of dread. Maybe it’s we already know the outcome here, but right from the opening tracks, we get that sense of doom and gloom. Not like from an old haunted house movie, but just a sense of things are not right, and are not going to get any better. The brief part with the child’s choir and piano makes it even more eerie.

As you go through the discs, the eeriness just keeps building and building. Pike does a great job using lighter sounds like piano or strings at some points then thundering drums and banging at others, creating an intense mood and atmosphere. Well done!

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