Kryptic 20-Year-Old Anniversary Tour

meNext October, Kitley’s Krypt will officially be 20 years old. That’s right…that means come October, I’ll have been ranting and raving on my little world wide web soapbox for two whole decades. While I’m not 100% positive, I’m pretty sure the Krypt is the longest running site out here on this inter-web thingy, at least here in the States. That is a lot of ramblings over those years, and hopefully inciting a little spark or two in some of you to look and learn more about the horror genre, and to really Discover the Horror. That is a moniker that I still truly stand by and belief in.

Trust me, it’s hard sometimes for me to believe that I’m still at this and haven’t given up on it. There’s been a few times I thought about it, but always continued on. And sure, the Krypt isn’t one of the big boys on the block, but honestly, if that would mean being owned by a studio and having to give up some journalistic integrity, then I guess I’m pretty happy right where I’m at. But when it all comes down to it, I do this because this is what I love doing….talking about horror movies. It really is my life’s passion and one that I don’t see myself ever stopping. All I need to know is that I’ve given a fan a little push in the right direction, having them decide to look a little deeper into the genre, then I know I’ve done right by the genre.

So…to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have updated our 2018 World Tour schedule which is posted in the above link, although now it is being called the Kryptic 20-Year-Old Anniversary Tour! The Christmas holiday will be over before we know it and then the planning for the convention season will start. Can’t start too early, you know.

Convention tables

I’m sure I’ll have some other special things going on during the year, especially when we get closer to October when the actual anniversary date gets closer, with some fun giveaways and stuff. I know I’ve got a few prizes laying around the Krypt here left over from the Kryptic Army days so we’ll see what I can come up with to spread the wealth a bit. So stay tuned for that.

So take a look at our schedule for next year, start making your plans, and maybe we’ll see you on the road next year.

3 thoughts on “Kryptic 20-Year-Old Anniversary Tour

  1. Congratulations, I’m not sure how I found the “Krypt” but I’m many dollars short but many great blu-rays and horror themed books richer! Keep up the good work, you should get finder’s fees for all the publicity for new horror items.

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