Gone…But Never Forgotten


I’ve been seeing posts all day on social media about today being the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest horror icons to work in the genre, Jacinto Molina. Or as most of us knew him as, Paul Naschy. I can still remember being at work when my friend Aaron called to tell me that he had passed away. Following genre for so long, it wasn’t an uncommon thing when a horror celebrity passes away, but this one stung.

Naschy-mummy's revenge

But even though we are still sadden by the lost of his physical presence, we are still surrounded by him through his work in film. And with this year really being the Year of Naschy, with two different Blu-ray collections released, giving some titles a release for the first time since VHS, some for the first time in this country even. Not to mention a slew of more titles still to come. Plus the fact that a 3-D print of our introduction to Waldemar Daninsky, Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror, has been found and is now making the rounds, I’d say that is pretty close to icing on the cake. And recently, we got to see Naschy on the cover of horror magazine at a national bookstore chain! How freaking cool is that? As I write this little tribute, the score for Horror Rises from the Tomb is playing in the background. Another reason to be grateful.

Naschy-Horror Rises

To me, that is the best way we can pay tribute to this incredible actor/writer/director, by continuing to watch his movies, buying them when they come out so the Blu-ray companies know there is a growing audience for them. Supporting fans that are inspired by Naschy and his movies, whether they are artists, writers, or anybody else incorporating Naschy into their work. That is the way to keep this man’s spirit alive and well. And it makes my heart swell to see more and more people joining the cause.

Naschy-frankenstein's bloody terror

So to the Molina family, please know that the names of Jacinto Molina and Paul Naschy will never die, and will continue to live on for decades to come. So that every new horror fan that comes along, that they will have a multitude of places to look to be able to learn, love, and enjoy the his work.

Gone…but never forgotten.




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