Monster Squad Celebrates Monster Makers

Monster Squad Book

Some of the unsung heroes of horror films and monster movies are the guys that are actually creating the creatures! Back in the ’80s, the special effects and makeup artists were just as famous as the actors and directors, but that seems to have faded away. Sure, there are still names like Savini and Baker, but there are still so many talented people, working long and hard hours, to help bring these cinematic terrors to life. Now thanks to Heather A. Wixson, we can hear from several of the guys & gals in the trenches.

Wixson talks to 20 people in the industry, names like Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff Jr., Tony Gardner, Phil Tippett, Brian Wade, Tood Masters, Bob Keen, Gabe Bartalos, Steven Johnson, and many more, hearing how they brought these monsters to life on screen. The book is filled with over 300 behind-the-scenes photos from over 50 different horror and sci-fi films.

Published by BearManor Media, you can get this book in either a softcover edition for $30, or a hardcover edition for $40. You can get more information from BearManor’s website HERE.

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