Mystery Photo 11-6

Now that the Halloween season is official over, though for most of us, it’s never is over, we will continue on with what we do every day….celebrating the horror genre! And what better what to do that then start off with a little pictorial puzzle, right? But before we get to this week’s, let us go over our last photo. It was from the 1964 film Castle of Blood, starring the alluring Barbara Steele. Unfortunately, we only got one person that recognized this shot and that was Hoby Abernathy. Well done, my friend!

So I can’t honestly say that this one is going to be much easier. Really could be a shot from a dozen or so movies. But let us see who might be able to pick out the right one. That is half the run, right? Making your brain do a little digging? Well take a look below and see what you can come up with.

As always, please do not post your answers here so others can have a go at it. Just send your guess to us in an email to Good Luck!


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