Soundtrack Review: Horror Rises from the Tomb

Horror Rises

Horror Rises from the Tomb / The Killer is One of Thirteen
Released by Quartet Records

17 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 34.13
Music by Carmelo Bernaola & Alfonso Santisteban

Listen up folks, the fact that I even have this chance to review a soundtrack for not one, but TWO Paul Naschy movies is something that I never thought would be possible. Plus the fact that one of the films is the first Naschy flick I had ever seen, and still remains my favorite, Horror Rises from the Tomb. So I am more than a wee bit stoked when this came in the mail.

The first track is some percussion sounds that we all know is when Naschy’s Alaric de Marnac and his faithful companion, played by the luscious Helga Liné, are being taken to be executed. But when that second track, the Main Title kicks in, the chills kick in. Not just because it is a haunting piece of organ music, but the fact that it brings back such great memories of watching this movie. Very similar to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue, but still has its own unique quality and sound to it.

The rest of the score follows this mood with some chilling pieces of music, mainly with the organ, which sounds as though it could be playing at some sort of demonic church service! It really fills you with a great sense of creepiness and is a very nostalgic of those films from a much different era, which Bernaola really seemed to shine here with. That main theme is repeated several times throughout the score, which has a great effect each and every time. There is also some nice piano work that while very minimal with its notes is very effective in building that mood.

The last four tracks are from the Spanish Giallo The Killer is One of Thirteen, and is only about 8 minutes total. Santisteban’s work here is not played for the creepiness, but is more in tune with a traditional giallo score, with some lighter musical numbers, which were always running through these types of films. As interesting as these tracks are, the real star of this release is the previous 13 tracks, which is why any Naschy fan will be buying this, if they haven’t already.

The liner notes are written by Gergely Hubay, where Naschy, these films, and the composers are briefly discussed. There are some great photos in there, but most Naschy fans have seen them many times before. But still, a nice little tribute.

You can order it directly from Quartet Records, but if you’re in the US, it might be cheaper to get it from Screen Archives.

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