Movie Soundtrack: Jigsaw

jigsaw CD

Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017
32 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 65 min.
Music by Charlie Clouser

Jigsaw is back once again with another round of intricate killer traps. And composer Charlie Clouser, who has done worked on the scores for all of the Saw films, is back for the latest.

This score has a very metal organic sound to it, if that makes any sense. There are parts here that have something that sounds like a piece of metal being dragged across another metal object. This could be enhanced or distorted through a computer, but it gives it a very strange sound and creates an even stranger feeling to the listener. The score does sound to be a cross between an industrial electronic score, but with some more practical sounds made from scratch.

The tracks that are more fast paced, like track # 3 Bucket Heads, are probably more effective when combined with the action on the screen. Just with the audio itself, it’s like something you’d hear at a club in the ’90s. But on other tracks, like # 9 – Carly Requiem and #10 Barn Confess, the tracks are slow and atmospheric, building a nice layer of creepiness to it. The parts of the score like that is where I think Clouser really can shine.

Overall, Clouser gives us another hour+ of some decent mood music that would fit well in with a Halloween party for a little background ambiance.

One thought on “Movie Soundtrack: Jigsaw

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