Nox Arcana’s Gothic

Nox Arcana - gothic

By Nox Arcana, Released in 2015
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 59 min.

If ever a name that correctly identifies it’s product, then this CD is it. And who better to bring an audio representation of that than Nox Arcana. The first track invites you to spend the night in Grimstone Manor, to see if you can survive the night there. But you won’t be alone since there are many strange and mysterious things that wander the halls therein.

And then starts the amazing organ piece in track #2 Grimstone Manor. Such an amazing and beautiful piece of music with immediately brings to mind an huge old house, an old gothic mansion that has been closed up for years, now opening for your arrival.

That is the thing about this release from Nox Arcana, each track gives you another look into an old estate where the dead might not rest. From haunting piano melodies echoing in the night, to the sounds of a music box from a child’s toy, to the howling winds, to the more thunderous pieces of music that are sure to get your attention. In fact, track # 5, The Portrait Gallery, starts off with thunder in the distances, before we get an incredible duet with a harpsichord and violin, with a haunting voice bringing them together.

This is one of my favorite releases from Nox Arcana in quite some time. Maybe it is just the time of the year that this kind of music is perfect for, or it is just that good. Take a journey to Grimstone Manor and take that chance on your own. I think you’ll be glad to you did.

For more details and ordering information, head over to their website HERE.

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