Soundtrack Review: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017
23 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 74 min.
Music by Bear McCreary

While I’m not a huge follower of The Walking Dead TV series, I am a big fan of Bear McCreary and am always interested in what he’s been creating because it’s usually pretty damn interesting. And this score is no different.

This new release is a collection of different themes used over the course of the series, so we get a bit of everything. If you’re a fan of McCreary’s work, you might notice a familiar sound like from Wrong Turn 2 or Rest Stop 2, giving it a little southern feel to it. But since this is set in the south, it only makes sense. Nonetheless, he still comes up with some interesting pieces of music, like that famous opening theme. Hard to hear that an not think of this show. Throughout the score it bounces back from soft and slow pieces to more faster, action-based sequences. I think it is on these slower tracks, like # 2 Rick’s Despair or # 8 Sophia, where he really shines and comes up some beautiful pieces of music.

Of course, then you get near the end of the score, with # 22 Negan, and what he creates with just a little bit of noise and effects creates one of the most eerie sounding and scary set pieces. This is a perfect theme for Negan and really sets the tone for this character.

Then the last track, The Day Will Come, McCreary gives us a peaceful piano and violin melody that fits the title perfectly, almost giving you hope for another day. McCreary always delivers an interesting score, easily producing a feeling or emotion with just some simple cords, showing his wide range of talent when it comes to creating something that can really draw on the listener’s mind and feelings.

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