Soundtrack Review: Don’t Look Now

Dont Look Now CD

Don’t Look Now
Released by Silva Screen Records
13 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 29 min.
Music by Pino Donaggio

This was one movie that I avoided for a long time only because not only did I know the twist, but I also knew how dark in tone the beginning of the film was. It was one emotional roller coaster ride I didn’t care to partake in at the time. But when I finally sat down and watched it, yes it definitely is a kick in the teeth, it is still an incredible film. And one of the reasons helping this is the beautiful music by Pino Donaggio.

Simply put, this score is a collection of beautiful music. The second track, John’s Theme (Children Play), is a wonderful piano piece that sets a peaceful and quiet tone, even though if you’ve seen the film, you know what this leads to. Which leads you right into the next track, Christine is Dead, which definitely changes the tone, which almost shrieking strings, then moving into a deeper sound, as your emotions are ripped from your chest. A great audible companion to what we’re seeing on screen.

There are several themes that are repeated but in a different format or style, but they all blend together so well that they sound familiar but are still different enough to stand on their own. This score will send your emotions to a variety of places, some building tension while others just relaxing. All in all, just a great score.

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