Soundtrack Review: Hammer Horror Classic Themes, 1957-1974

Hammer Horror - Classic Themes 1958-1974

One of the things that made Hammer Films stand out was their music. Yes, we had the boobs, blood, and beasts, not to mention an array of incredibly talented actors and technicians that worked on them, but the amazing soundtrack coming through the speakers made the impact even deeper. How can you not hear the blasting opening cues of James Bernard’s score for Horror of Dracula and not immediately get into the mood for some horror! Or even Harry Robinson’s march for the opening of Twins of Evil? Makes you want to grab your cross and stakes and go hunt some vampires! That is the beauty of the music that Hammer layered throughout their films. And now, thanks to the fine folks of Silva Screen Records, you can have a taste of themes from 18 different films, that range from 1957 to 1974.

As we mentioned, Bernard’s score for Horror of Dracula (or just Dracula in the UK), it probably the one most known or at least gets the most attention. Mainly because it is just that powerful of a score, especially the opening. It not only makes an impression to the viewer, but also gives you a little head’s up of what is coming. And with this release, not only do you get that track, but you will get to “taste” more than enough to quench your hunger! You’ll also get to hear the epic opening to The Mummy by Franz Reizenstein, The Devil Rides Out, which is another powerful opening from Bernard, to even the opening theme for The Lost Continent, which sounds more like a lounge singer, but is still damn entertaining. If you’re a fan of the ’70s style, then the tracks from Dracula A.D. 1972 and Satanic Rites of Dracula will have you chilling in your boots!

This review is kind of jaded because I am such a huge fan of Hammer Films and their movies, so it would only be natural for me to give this a rave review. But more importantly, at least it helps keep alive some of the talented musicians that worked hard and long hours creating some beautiful and powerful music, so that we won’t forget names like Laurie Johnson, Roy Phillips, Tristram Cary, John Cacavas, and many more.

This will be released on vinyl on October 20th, but will also be available in a digital format as well. Head over to Silva Screen Records HERE for all the details.

Hammer Horror LP

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