Basil Gogos – Rest in Peace


If you grew up with Famous Monsters of Filmland, or even collected them later on in life, then you are more than aware of the work of Basil Gogos. His stunning portraits of such monstrous and darkened characters but done with such amazing colors, always made an impact with the fans. And that still rings true today just as much as it did when those magazines first hit the newsstands. In fact, probably even more so.

FMoF 9Not being an artist myself, I can’t say that his work inspired me in that respect, but I do know is that his paintings gave so much character and life to some of our favorite monsters. He is one of those artists that even someone like me can spend hours starring into them, looking at the brush strokes, the way he used lighting, and how he captured the look of each of these characters and be just amazed at the talent there. Just incredible. His first cover for Famous Monsters was in 1960, when in issue # 9, he painted Vincent Price from House of Usher. Over his career, he did close to 50 different covers for Warren Publishing, who put out FM, and all of them the work of a talented artist.

Thankfully, in 2005, Gogos had several of his monster paintings published in the book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos, which now forever archives some of his incredible work for fans to enjoy.

He passed away yesterday. The horror art world has lost a true talent this week. But thankfully his work and memory will live on in the hearts of horror fans for generations to come. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this time. Below are just a few of his masterpieces. Please take a minute to look at these wonderful pieces of art and remember this great talent that we’ve lost.

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