Mystery Photo 8-7

Good Evening! Yes, a little later than our normal Mystery Photo update, but we were still recovering from the last three days at Flashback Weekend. But let’s get to what you’ve probably been sitting at your computer all day just waiting for this to be posted…right?


Okay, okay…we did get quite a few people who recognized that little clip from Amicus’ 1970 bizarre little film Scream and Scream Again. I remember the very first time I watched this, I was so pissed off that while it gives Price, Lee, and Cushing top billing, they have very little scenes together, especially with Cushing getting killed off after one scene! But you have to give them kudos for releasing something so strange as this one. Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Dave Fronto, Bill Harrison, Doug Lamoreux, Jeff Owens, Michael Shields, Mark Turner, Alan Tromp, and William Wilson.

Now on to this week’s photo. Might be easy. Might not be easy. But give it a good look and see if you can figure it out. Good luck. Please remember not to post your answer here, but send them to us in an email to


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