The Year of Naschy Continues…


Finally! We can happily announce the titles for the Paul Naschy Collection Vol. 2! Now, not to diminish how amazing it was to get the films in Vol. 1 released on Blu-ray, but to be fair, those titles all had been previously released on DVD. BUT…Volume 2 is going to give us some that were not only never released on DVD in the states before, but one of them is probably one of the most sought after titles amongst Naschy fans. That title would be the 1975 masterpiece, The Werewolf and the Yeti (aka Night of the Howling Beast). We’re used to seeing copies from either the Super Video VHS tape, or the Greek PAL VHS, both of which didn’t look that great. The Super Video print was so dark that during the night scenes it was hard to see anything! Well, knowing Shout Factory’s quality, all of that should be corrected now.

Naschy Collection2.jpgAnother title hitting the states for the first time is A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (1975), a giallo inspired tale written by Naschy.

The other titles in this collection are as follows:

Hunchback of the Morgue (1973)
The Devil’s Possessed (1974)
Exorcism (1975)

This will be released on Nov. 14th, but you can pre-order your copy now and get it shipped to you two weeks earlier! If you’re thinking of just waiting until it comes out, figuring you can get it cheaper, say from Amazon or some other outlet, if you are a fan of Naschy and his work, you might want to reconsider and order it now. Why? Simply because we want to show Shout Factory that if they take the time and effort to put one of these collections together, that the fans will be more than happy to set up and buy them! By pre-ordering it, it shows them how much interests there is right away. So go ahead, spend the extra few dollars to help increase that chance of maybe us getting a Paul Naschy Collection Vol. 3….you never know…it could happen!

To place your pre-order, just click HERE to be taken to the Shout Factory order page.

hunchback of the morgue

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