Bava Comes to Chicago!

Black Sabbath

Some time ago, we posted about a Mario Bava Film Festival that was being held in New York, and that since we’re in the Chicago area, it was just too far to even think of making it to it. But now Chicago fans don’t need to worry since those Bava titles are coming to the Gene Siskel Film Center, starting next weekend, on August 4th! If you have never had the chance to witness the wonder of Mario Bava on the big screen, I couldn’t recommend it enough, especially titles like Blood and Black Lace or Black Sabbath. The colors alone on these two will just blow your mind. But even the beautiful black and white cinematography in Bava’s directorial debut, Black Sunday, is just stunning to see. Seriously, if you are a fan of horror films, Italian horror, or cinema in general, do yourself a favor and make it out to some of these (if not all of them!).

blood and black lace

On each Saturday, you’ll have the chance to see two different films. The tickets are $7 for general public. But if you’re going to stay for the second feature, their is a discounted price with proof of purchase of the first film. For all the details, head over to their website HERE.

Here’s the breakdown of what is playing and when:

Kidnapped – Friday the 4th at 6pm & Monday the 7th at 6pm

Black Sabbath – Saturday the 5th at 3pm & Thursday the 10th at 6pm

Lisa and the Devil – Saturday the 5th at 5pm & Tuesday the 8th at 6pm

Black Sunday – Saturday the 12th at 3pm & Tuesday the 15th at 6pm

The Whip and the Body – Saturday the 12th at 4:45pm & Monday the 14th at 6pm

Blood and Black Lace – Saturday the 19th at 3pm & Tuesday the 22nd at 6pm

Kill, Baby…Kill! – Saturday the 19th at 4:45pm & Monday the 21st at 6pm

A Bay of Blood – Saturday the 26th at 3pm & Tuesday the 29th at 6pm

The Girl Who Knew Too Much – Saturday the 26th at 4:45pm & Monday the 28th at 6pm

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