101 Scariest Movies Ever Made

101 Scariest Movies Ever Made

I really have a love/hate relationship with these kind of books. It’s a book on horror films, so of course I’m going to add it to the library. But when a book comes out with a title like this, it is always open for debate, since everyone’s opinions are going to be different, even if just a little bit. Maybe you can’t believe that they would have included a certain title in their Top Ten? Or maybe that they even left out a film that you think should have been included.

On the flipside though, that is the beauty of these type of books. It leads to discussions. Sure, some times they might be a little heated, but discussions none the less! There are times when volumes like this could even shed some light on a title that either you didn’t know about over the years, or that maybe you had always planned to see it but forgot about it. Now is your chance. These are also great little checklists to go through and make sure that you’ve seen all the films listed, or maybe there’s a few that you want to re-visit. And who knows, maybe you might learn a little information about one of your favorite movies that you didn’t know.

Granted, I’m saying all of this without even seeing a copy, but I am familiar with some of the authors’ names and I have faith in what they would be putting out. Once I do get a copy and read through it, you can bet there will be a review up here! But in the meantime, you can order your own copy from the publisher BearManor Media through their website HERE. You can get either a hardcover edition for $35 or a softcover for $25. At 350 pages, it does sound like it is a pretty decent size book that I’m sure will give you a few hours of entertainment.

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