Taschen’s Horror Cinema

Back in 2008, Horror Cinema was published by Taschen, in a large hardcover edition, filled with some amazing color and black & white photos, with the famous shot of Jack Nicholson’s face looking through the broken door from The Shining. There were ten different chapters, covering subjects such as Slashers & Serial Killers, Science-Fiction Horror, Voodoo, Vampires & Werewolves, and many more. Each section had a little bit of history on that particular subject surrounded by some wonderful imagery. Slightly larger than 9×11 in size, at a 192 pages, this is a great little coffee table style book. Then in 2012, they re-issued it, in a slightly larger size, but with the cover having Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani from Nosferatu the Vampyre(1979). The content was still the same.

Taschen Horror Cinema 2017But now, they have come out with a another newer edition that is quite different than the previous two. This one has cover with the Creature from the Black Lagoon on it, but is also a much small size book, in that it is around 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 in size. But, instead of the usual 192 pages, this edition is 640 pages!  Not only are there more than three times the pages, but there is a lot more content as well. The first part of the book is the same as the previous ones. But after those ten chapters, there is a section entitled “Taschen’s Top 50 Horror Movies”. Each of the 50 titles have the poster art, the main credits listed, and then goes into a little detail about the film, with quite a few stunning photos throughout. It’s only about 5 or so pages per title but is an interesting part.

All the versions can be bought for around the same price, about $15. So the real question is which version do you want to get? I’m a sucker for a good old fashion coffee table type of book, especially when they have some really nice photos. And it’s a good size book! But while this newer version is quite smaller in size, the page count in massive! You still have all the same photos, much smaller, but still there, plus many more! So my suggestion…buy both editions and be done!

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