Soundtrack Review: Stonehearst Asylum


Stonehearst Asylum
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2014

31 Tracks with a total running time of 78 min.
Music by John Debney

This was a score that I received to review and never even heard of the title before hand, so you go into it completely blind…or deaf as the case may be. But it doesn’t take but a few seconds into the first track, Eliza’s Theme, for the composer to draw you in. By that time, he’s got you hooked. For being a horror film, this soundtrack contains so many beautiful pieces of music, but it still is able to give the listener’s the darker element needed for it.

With most of the score being classical sounding, mainly with the piano being the main instrument, the composer is still able to create a background feel, as well as building the tension and suspense just by how he has composed the different instruments. Debney does an excellent job here hitting all the right moods and feelings with this score. It is creepy at times, tense and unsettling at others, or just sounds of foreboding, such as Track #5, ‘Seeing the Ayslum’. While others where the strings are almost used as noises that we’re hearing in the film, setting the ambiance for what might happen.

We’re shown a real range of emotion here with this score. It is not just an overpowering of loud and thundering notes that a lot of scores do these days, but there is actual music here. Good music. Music that creates an atmosphere even without a visual companion. That is a sign of a great score. Because then when it does accompany the visuals, it makes the impact even more powerful.

Debney has worked in just about every genre, including a few horror titles in there, one of them being a great score for the 1999 flick End of Days.

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