Soundtrack Review: The Fog


The Fog
Released by Silva Screen Records

34 Tracks, with a running time of 109 min.
Composed and performed by John Carpenter

While most Carpenter fans always go for Halloween as their favorite, I will always put this film above it. Granted, I’m a sucker for a good old-fashion ghost story, but there is just something about this movie that I love. One of the reasons is the score. It just amazes me the kind of music that Carpenter created for his early films, with hardly any budget, and simple instruments, that he was able to create an incredible theme that blends into the film perfectly, adding even more atmosphere and tension to what we’re already seeing on screen. His use of simple and notes, often repeating them over and over again, he is able to create a chilling effect with just the music alone, that just oozes out of your speakers, just like the fog from the film. Highly effective and memorable.

Not that I would ever narrow them down to make a Top Ten Soundtrack list, but I think this one would be in there. It is a perfect one to have on in the background, for Halloween parties or just any old time. Every time I have it playing, it immediately creates a dark and spooky mood. There’s a couple of different releases of this score, but the one from Silva Screen is pretty damn good!

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