Mystery Photo 5-17

Better late than not at all, right? Busy day today, otherwise this would have been posted a little sooner. But no worries…it’s here now! Before we get to this week’s photo, let’s do a little recap on last week’s. It was from an early lesser known slasher flick from 1979 called Savage Weekend, which stars William Sanderson a few years before he appeared in Blade Runner, and David Gale, who later would become a cult star as the famous body-less Dr. Hill in Re-Animator! Congrats out to the following who sent in the correct answers: Hoby Abernathy, William Wilson, and Greg Wojick. Well done!

So while on the obscure titles, let’s throw out another one and see if anybody recognizes this little gem. Good luck…you just might need it!

As always, please remember not to post your answers here so everyone can have a chance. Just send us an email to


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