Soundtrack Review: Colossal

Colossal Soundtrack

Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017

11 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 40 min.
Music By Bear McCreary

Anytime I see McCreary’s name as composer, I know I’m in for a treat. Anybody that can take a banjo and make some really scary music from it, which he did in Wrong Turn 2, you know he’s not playing on the same field as others. Right from the first track, Colossal Prologue, it has that feel of something big. But then right after that with Track 2, A Monster Hypothesis, he gives us this quiet and haunting piano piece that is just beautiful, and my favorite of the whole score.

From the beginning, we start out slow and quiet, building suspense and tension as we go, but always have an emotional feel there. Then we get to Track 6, The Most Irresponsible Thing, which is a bluesy feel to it that definitely sets it apart from the rest of the score. But then the following track, Birth of a Monster, we go back to the slow start before building up with a loud pounding right at the end, a fitting title for the track.

I really like the fact that even this though this movie, at face level, is about a giant monster, it doesn’t have the loud, thundering, and in your face sound and style that you’d expect. McCreary keeps it slow and quiet for the most part, but still blending in a great emotional feel to it. Well done.

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