Full Moon History Lesson!


Back in 2013, Dave Jay and Torsten Dewi, along with Nathan Shumate, wrote Empire of the B’s: The Mad Movie World of Charles Band, which was published by Hemlock Books. This covered the early days of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures, which gave us a plethora of titles, many of them still considered classics today. But that changed before the ’80s were done and Band created a new empire…Full Moon Entertainment Studio. Now, Jay and Dewi, along with William S. Wilson this time, tackle the mighty task of diving in to the history of this low budget studio that made their mark with the straight-to-video market filling the shelves at the video stores with titles like the ongoing series Subspecies, Dollman, Puppet Master, the Trancers sequels, and a ton of other titles. All of this and more will be within the pages of It Came from the Video Aisle!

This book, being published by Schiffer Publishing, will be out in October of this year, and will consist of 480 pages, with over 400 color images, and filled with over 60 interviews from the cast and crew of many of these titles, all giving their insight on Full Moon and their experiences working there. You’ll hear from people like William Butler, J.S. Cardone, Danny Draven, Trent Haaga, Ed Naha, Dennis Paoli, Tim Thomerson, David Schmoeller, and of course, Charles Band himself, plus many more. The book will track the history of Full Moon from the early beginnings to their current status.

With a fantastic cover from Rondo Award winning artist Mark Maddox, this is yet another title that will be joining the Kryptic Library by the end of the year. These are the kind of books that not only do you learn so much more about the films themselves, but damn if they don’t make you want to bust them out and watch again too!

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