You Know You’re a Die-Hard Horror Fan…

…when there is a movie coming to Blu-Ray that is just terrible…but you’re excited about it anyway!

Blackenstein blurayAt the end of next month, Severin Films will be unleashing one of the worst of the worst, the 1973 film Blackenstein, directed by William A. Levey, and written and produced by Frank R. Saletri, who was later murdered in a gangland style crime, which has never been solved. Even though I’m a huge fan of the blaxploitation films in the horror genre, like Blacula, this one is a real tough title to get through. But this release hopes to change all of that, at least by giving us the film in two different versions, as well as a bunch of extras to maybe help explain a little how this film came to be.

This release will feature the original theatrical cut, which runs only 78 minutes, and the video release, which is 87 minutes. It will also feature an interview with writer/producer Saletri’s sister. There is also an archive news broadcast on his murder, as well as Ken Osbourne and Robert Dix talking about Saletri. We also get to hear from Bill Munns, the man responsible for creating the titular monster!

As I said, even though I barely made it through this when I’ve watched it before, I really am excited to pick this one up when it comes out on May 30th.

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