It Came from Hunger – A Must Autobiography

TIt Came from Hungerexas filmmaker Larry Buchanan has always had a special place in my film fan’s heart. Making titles with very little money, he still managed to create something that I’ve always found entertainment in, even if for the wrong reasons. He gave us titles like The Eye Creatures, In the Year 2889, Zontar: The Thing from Venus, The Naked Witch, The Loch Ness Horror, and of course, Mars Needs Women, along with so many others. His budgets tended to be so low, a mere fraction of what Roger Corman was getting to make his low budget features. But Buchanan still go them made, and usually turned a pretty decent profit. Granted, most of them won’t be remembered for being anything but a turkey, but hey…at least they are being remembered, right?

Years ago, I was lucky enough to score a hardcover copy of his autobiography It Came From Hunger: Tales of a Cinema Schlockmeister, originally published by McFarland in 1996. If I didn’t love his work then, I surely did after reading this wonderful and insightful book. It does give a lot of information on how he got started in the business and how he managed to continue it in throughout his career, even when he had little or no money to make a picture. The stories within these pages, such as what happened to his very first feature film, are so compelling and fantastic, really giving an insight to this man who just loved making movies.

This book has been long out-of-print and tends to go for big bucks on the secondary market. But now, you can get your own paperback edition of this book for only $9.99! Even at triple the price, this book is a must for independent filmmakers, as well as anybody who loves these kind of films.

You can read my review of this book by clicking HERE.

So do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon to order your copy today. I promise you that you will just love this one. And if not, then you’re only out $10!

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