Bernie Wrightson – Rest in Peace

Wrightson - RIPI know it’s been a few weeks since this happened and had planned to get something written up, but just never got to it. Then yesterday, I was watching Michael Felsher’s making of Creepshow documentary, Just Desserts, which features some interviews with Wrightson. I knew then that I needed to get this done and posted about this incredible talent that the world of horror and comic books has lost.

Now, I’m not an artist so I couldn’t even attempt to explain just how talented Wrightson was, or the impact that he had on generations of artists. I just know that looking at the below piece he did for the illustrated Frankenstein that was released in 1983 (after spending seven years working on it) just blows my mind at how this is even possible. The detail and layout is just astounding and I couldn’t even begin to understand how a talent like this could even exist.

Wrightson Frankenstein

It was Wrightson’s style that really grabbed me, mainly because he was so inspired by the old E.C. Comics from the ’50s such as Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror. He just had a way of creating that look and feel from those old horror tales, and they were always a treat to just gaze at. One of my favorite pieces of his was Mementos, which really gives off a vibe of insanity, but taken to a whole other level.

wrightson Momentos

But on March 18th, Wrightson lost his battle with brain cancer, one that he’d been fighting since first diagnosed in 2014. This man has left the world of horror and comics an incredible legacy to live up to. We know that he will live on in the hearts and work of the thousands of artists that he has inspired over the years. Gone, missed, but never forgotten. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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