New Book Titles for Your Want List

As if it wasn’t proven to me more than at the recent HorrorHound Weekend that print is definitely not dead, here are a few more titles that I’ve come across that are either out or coming out soon. I know I’ll be adding them to my library at some point in the near future.

Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies

The first one is comes from FAB Press, so right there we know the quality of it is going to be worthy of the cost. But then you throw in the fact that it was written by Michael Gingold, then that is just icing on the cake.

The Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies, which is their second volume in a series, will cover 200 films, starting from the silent days to modern times, covering “the most frightening, fantastical and fun monster film features.”  Again, just looking at their first volume they released, on Exploitation films, that alone is worth the purchase. But I know that Gingold’s knowledge of the genre will make the content just as interesting to read as the layout and design of the book.

Inside the pages, you’ll find titles from the Universal classic days, moving into the giant bug invasions from the ’50s, even hoping over to Japan for some kaiju, then moving over to England for some Hammer favorites, and so much more. Each film has detailed reviews, filled with facts and critical analysis. With the forward penned by cult director Frank Henenlotter and the pages filled with amazing illustrations, stills and poster art, this will be yet another title that will be a must for any horror fan’s library.

The street date for the book will be mid September with retail price for $24.95. There will be a hardcover version but it will only be available from FAB Press directly and will run you £20.

Our second title was one that I initially passed even looking at it the first time I came across it, in all honestly because I saw Freddy and Jason on the cover. But the more I looked into it, there were a couple of things that drew my interests. The book is called Slash of the Titans which takes a very detailed look at the 2003 film Freddy vs Jason and why it took almost ten years and $4 million for the film to finally get made.

Slash of the Titans

Now that is the first reason that got my interest. As much as I might not be a huge fan of that movie (granted, it is much better than the later Nightmare sequels), it’s tale of coming from conception to reality really is a tale to be told, in any film genre. We’ll get to hear from the original writers of the different screenplays, the filmmakers themselves, to even Freddy (Robert England) and Jason (Ken Kirzinger) themselves. To put this troubled production as its base level, as it states on the book’s cover, “One film, two horror icons, and seventeen screenwriters.” Tell me this wouldn’t be an interesting read?

The other thing that got my attention was this was written by Dustin McNeill, who had written the excellent Phantasm Exhumed book a few years ago. So right there, I knew that I was going to get a well written and well researched tome of information. And as cheesy as the film might be, and how some older fans would look down on this title, no one could deny the importance and legendary status it has, just because of what it was. Plus, with all the issues this production went through, it really will give an insight to the insanity of what some movies go through before they hit the screens. So while fans may scoff at the end results, maybe your thoughts might be a little different if you realized what happened before all of that.

This title is already available with a retail price of only $19.95. This 248 page book will include the following subjects:

  • Comprehensive looks at ten different versions of the screenplay
  • Info on early crossover attempts by Friday the 13th filmmakers
  • Exclusive details on the never made Freddy vs Jason: Hell Unbound video game
  • Insights from producers, executives and developers including Sean Cunningham
  • An examination of why the Shannon/Swift script was finally greenlit
  • Summaries of the four endings considered for the 2003 film
  • Coverage of the never made Freddy vs Jason vs Ash sequel
  • Appendices full of story details including the outcomes of all ten versions

Italian Gothic Horror Films

The last book is one another one of my favorite sub-genres, Italian Gothic horrors! Roberto Curti continues to educate us on the wonders of Italian horror history. Preceding this volume was his 2015 book Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957-1969, we get to continue our lessons moving through the ’70s, one of the best decades for this country’s cinema. We’ll get to learn about the giallo movies that really took graphic violence (and nudity) to a whole new level during this decade, from such talents as Bava, Freda, as well as Antonio Margheriti, Pupi Avait, and more.

This book will provide details and production data that was taken from official papers, original scripts, interviews with filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors. Each entry will include the complete cast and crew, plot summaries, production history and analysis. With a retail price set at $39.95 from McFarland, this title will be available in the fall of this year. Definitely another must for your library.


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