Mystery Photo 3-27

Hey Kiddies…yeah, I missed it last week. That’s what happens after an amazing convention weekend where you get very little sleep, then get home about 4 hours before you’re supposed to get up to go to work. Some times are just not going to get done! But this is a new Monday, and things are somewhat back to normal. Or at least enough to have a new photo!

But first, let us go over the last one we did. It was from the 1981 British film about a plane crash called The Survivor. Not to be confused with Sole Survivor, which came out two years later. This one stars Robert Powell and Jenny Agutter and directed by David Hemmings. But even with having two weeks to ponder this one, it seems we only had one correct answer sent in, which was from Jaeson Finn. So kudos out to you, Jaeson!

So…here’s our latest photo. Sorry to say, but I think this one is going to be a tough one. Sorry for the lesser quality of it, but that is the best source I had. I will tell you right now, it is not from Psycho, so don’t even bother sending that one in. This is in color, not black and white. And don’t try to tell me there was some remake made in the ’90s…that’s just more of that alternate fact stuff.

As always, please remember not to post your answers here but send them in an email to me at Good Luck!


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