Movies Can Cure What Ails You!

being sick1

Years ago, if I had gotten sick, whether it was the flu, cold, sinus infection, I would struggle through it and still try and continue my normal rituals during the day, hoping the drugs I was given would fight off whatever bug I had contracted. I’d still be working on the computer, writing, or doing something other than what illnesses require the most…plain and simple rest.

But I have learned the errors of my ways. Now when come down with something, not that it happens that often (praise the gods), I tend to do nothing but sit in front of my TV and watch movies and just relax. I try to only watch movies that I’ve seen before, mainly because I know I will be falling in and out of consciousness during some of them. Although a favorite goto sub-genre for me are the sci-fi/horror films of the ’50s. But the whole point is to let your body get the rest and work on getting through the illness. I know since I’ve been doing this, my ‘sick days’ are very minimal, at least where I can go back to functioning again. The benefit to this is that I get to revisit a lot of old classics, which is always a real treat.

Early last week, I started to come down with a slight cough. By Wednesday, I knew it was something more since I started getting the chills while still at work. Once I got home, my fever had hit 102. Now for me, my normal temp is around 97.8, slightly below the normal 98.6. Go figure. I had the chills, my throat was killing me from the coughing, and a massive headache. So I called in sick on Thursday, went to the doctors only to be told I don’t have the flu, but a simple virus. I did get some antibiotics and some wicked cough syrup. Honestly, the worst part was from coughing so much and so hard, my stomach muscles hurt a lot. So when I would cough, it felt like a huge spasm going across my abdomen, almost taking my breath away.

Now when the doctor says get some rest for the next couple of days, that is exactly what I do. The only time I get up is two switch DVDs or Blu-rays (or the many trips to the bathroom). Don’t even need to get up if I can find it on Netflix. Since Wednesday evening, I’ve probably watched close to twenty films. I haven’t gotten squat done around the house or on the computer in those two to three days, but I do feel quite a bit better. In fact, typing this out, is the most time I’ve spend on the computer in about five days. In fact, today is the first day that I actually feel somewhat human again. So much I need to get caught up on and stuff I want to report on, but the resting had to be done, or I would have been dragging along feeling miserable for quite a bit longer.

This is a lesson for all you youngsters out there from Old Man Kitley. When the doc says get some rest, it doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in your bed. Just plant your carcass in front of your TV with a stock pile of movies you want to revisit and give your body a much needed rest. It works. I’m living proof! Of course, getting your son and wife sick during the process…well, let’s just say that can be worse than actually being sick!

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