The Year of Naschy Continues…

Inquistion bluray

And yet we have even ANOTHER Naschy title being announced for a Blu-ray release. In fact, I believe this title never even got a DVD release, at least not here in the states. Up until now, we’ve had to deal with dupes off the old VHS tape. But today, Mondo Macabro announced they would be releasing the 1976 film Inquisition, a nice little tale of love, Satanism, and those purveyors of evil…the church!

With this amazing new cover art by Gilles Vranckx, you will get a HD transfer from the original negative, which as we’ve seen from previous Mondo Macabro releases, will look amazing. It will also feature both Spanish and English language tracks, as well as newly created optional English subtitles.

There will be an archival video introduction by Paul Naschy himself, as well as an audio commentary by Naschy scholars from the Naschycast podcast, Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn. These guys know a thing or two about Senor Naschy. Also added to this release is Blood and Sand, the Eurotika! documentary on Spanish horror, along with some other previews for Mondo Macabro titles.

The limited edition version with be one of 666 numbered copies, a reversible cover (which is the artwork from the VHS release, seen below), and a booklet featuring brand new writing by Pete Tombs.

They are hoping that the limited edition will be on sale in April or early May, with the regular retail version around sometime in June.

I know this will be another one I will be pre-ordering as soon as they start taking orders. So happy to finally see this one get a decent release after all these years. Long Live Paul Naschy!

Inquistion bluray reverse

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