HorrorHound Weekend – “I Didn’t Know There Were Going to be Books Here!”

I apologize for not having a new Mystery Photo up yesterday but we got back home last night around 2am from the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati and were just dead tired. From Friday to Sunday, I probably got about 15 hours of sleep. But it was well worth it. It was our first con of the year and it was a doozey! It definitely set the bar high for the rest of our 2017 Tour. Not only was it one of the best shows we’ve ever had, but it showed me something that I often doubt at the cons these days.

books show

As most of you know, I sell horror reference books. It’s no secret that I have a passion for them and hope to pass them on to others. But the draw there is usually towards the autographs, photo ops, DVDs and Blu-rays, T-shirts, and many other items in throughout the dealer room. Time and time again, I watch people walk by, maybe stopping and glancing at what we have, then realize its just books and keep walking. I know I am a small niche in the market and I’m fine with that. I’d rather sell something that I believe in, then a bunch of Walking Dead (or whatever the latest craze it) T-shirts, even though I know I’d sell more of them. Though there are times when I wonder if it is even worth it. But then over these last three days, I sold a ton of books. From film guides, biographies, to general horror reference material, it was flying off the table. Books on zombie films, Paul Naschy, Hammer, Peter Cushing, Karloff, Friday the 13th, and much more. It gave me hope that fans are still wanting to learn more about the genre they love. And I couldn’t be happier to help them down that path.

I know this might sound old fashion, but I don’t feel there is a better way to open up the flood gates and learn more about these films, usually finding a plethora of more titles that you’re going to want to find, then through a book. So it just does my heart wonders when I can put a book in the hands of a fan that wants to learn more and travel further down the path of gruesome enlightenment. Pretty profound, huh?


I also want to give a little shout out to a young man named Justin, who I met at the con. He had already purchased a few books for me over the weekend and was back browsing through the titles, looking for even more to add to his collection. Another couple was looking at a hefty book of artwork. They seen the $40 price and said they weren’t sure if they had enough money for it. Justin overheard this and told him to take the book and he’d pay for it. Now at first, I wasn’t sure what Justin had said, but heard the other guy say “Are you serious?” I thought maybe he said he was going to buy it right after they said they really wanted it but were going to have to wait, thinking it was kind of a dick move on Justin’s part. I mean, he could have at least waited until they left. But then he said again, “Yeah…take it. I’ll pay for it.” The woman said she was going to start crying and asked to give him a hug, which she did. They both thanked him graciously.

There was no reason for this gesture other than just pure kindness. And it blew me away. You always see stuff like this on the internet, but seeing it happen right in front of you was just awesome. So a huge kudos to Justin for making this couple’s day, as well as mine. A little bit of kindness can go a long way.

4 thoughts on “HorrorHound Weekend – “I Didn’t Know There Were Going to be Books Here!”

  1. Horror reference books are some of my favorite possessions. For me, I don’t usually see enough of these at conventions. Before the internet, conventions were really the only place I could find this stuff.

    Thanks for sharing the story and I love looking at the books you sell.

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