Soundtrack Review: Get Out


Get Out
Released by Back Lot Music, 2017
43 Tracks, with a Total Running Time of 60 min.
Music By Michael Abels

This is a very different type of score than what we’re used to listening to. Right from the second track, Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (Main Title), we hear some vocals that start to create a creepy feeling. But even though Abels stated that he asked by the director to incorporate “distinctly African-American elements without relying on stereotypes”, there are other pieces of music that just are beautiful, no matter what the influences, such as in track 3, Chris & Rose (Love Theme), with a quiet and soothing sounds of (I think) a cello, with some notes and sounds  coming through in the background. Same goes for track 27, Educational Video, which is another quiet and peaceful piece of music.

Throughout the score, Abels creates a variety of emotions here, such mystery, suspense, terror, and even love and peacefulness. Or in tracks like The House, it combines some elements such as an eerie string sound that gives you an uneasy feeling, but accompanied by some strings that are soothing, a real contradiction in emotions. There is a lot of strings used on this score, which is one of my favorite instruments. They can bring tension and suspense, but also can create a sense of calming and peacefulness. The use of vocals, like in track 19, Georgina Weeps, will raise the hairs on your neck, with it being very subtle but effective.

As we get further and further into the score, the tension and volume starts to rise, creating a very suspenseful score.

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