Book Review: The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies

mammothbookslashermoviesThe Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies: An A-Z Guide to More Than 60 Years of Blood and Guts
By Peter Normanton
Published by Running Press, 2012.  511 pages.

We usually love film guides, but as long as they bring something different to the table. And having a guide specifically covering the slasher movies, that makes a nice addition to our collection. But here’s the problem: it is NOT just a book about slasher movies. As I started to read through it, seeing titles in there like Black Sunday, Cannibal Holocaust, and even Xtro, it made me realize that the book’s title is not the most representative of the material.

Another bad part, especially since it is suppose to be about slasher movies, he doesn’t cover any of the sequels for films like Halloween or Scream. These are mentioned when discussing the first film, but that is about it. I think if you were going to have the title be about slasher movies, then I think it would be better to have those titles in the book, as opposed to titles like The Werewolf and the Yeti.

But that being said, it is still a worth edition to any horror fans library. Being from the U.K., Normanton gives a personal tale to growing up there during the big Video Nasty craze and what happened after that. He also gives us a interesting introduction, telling us about some of the incidents that happened even back in the early days of cinema, with censorship and things getting blown out of proportion. For us Americans, we can’t even imagine the hell that horror movie fans when through back in the ’80s over across the pond.

While it is only a tad bigger than a standard paperback book, it is still 500 pages of great information and the retail is only $13.95. Pretty damn cheap when you consider all the information in here. Normanton has a wide selection of titles in here, where I’m sure you’ll run across a title or two that you’ve never heard about. While he does give the basis synopsis of each of the films, he doesn’t give away any spoilers, which was a nice change of pace.

For this price, and as much info that is in this book, it is a well worth investment. You’ll have fun reminiscing about some titles that you haven’t seen in a while as well as maybe finding a couple of films to add to your “need to find” list.

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