That Time Coffin Joe Was On Jon Stewart…

coffin-joeFor those (hopefully) few out there that don’t know who Coffin Joe is, he is a Brazilian filmmaker by the name of José Mojica Marins that created a on-screen persona of a twisted madman named Zé do Caixão, or better known as Coffin Joe, which he played himself. The first Coffin Joe movie was At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Soul (1964), which caused quite controversy when it came out. Being in a country that was predominately populated with very strict religious people, creating a character who blasphemed frequently, not to mention doing terrible things to women and making men fear for their lives, didn’t set too well with most of them. But he continued.

Three years later, he made the second Coffin Joe film, This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, which continued the story from the first film, which is basically his character trying to find the right women to bear his child. Then, some 41 years later, Marins was back for the third film in the Coffin Joe trilogy, called The Embodiment of Evil (2008), which shows that Marins had lost nothing in those four decades when it came to showing how evil Coffin Joe is. Highly recommend these three films.

He would continue to make other dark and twisted films over the years, and became known in the cult film market after Something Weird Video started putting out his movies here in the States. Marins even came to the States in the ’90s to make an rare appearance at the Chiller Theatre Convention in New Jersey. It was around this time, that while he was here, he appeared on the Jon Stewart Show, who was known to have all sorts of weird and strange characters on there. But I just love the fact that he actually was on this show, playing up his twisted persona, and to Stewart for playing along. Way too cool.

Thanks to our buddy Joe Wallace for sending me this since I didn’t even know it was available. Enjoy.

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