Naschy Fan Heaven!

fury-of-the-wolfman-blurayOkay, so last week the news of Paul Naschy’s The Mummy’s Revenge was getting a Blu-ray release from Code Red, which since it had never even been released on DVD here in the states, this was pretty stellar news. Granted, we don’t know a lot of details, like if it is uncut or what the source is, but we have our fingers crossed.

Then a couple of days ago, we got more news of yet another Naschy flick will be hitting Blu-ray, his werewolf outing, The Fury of the Wolfman. This might be considered one of Naschy’s lesser quality Daninsky films, but I know more than a few people that just love this film. I may not be one of them, but it is still a Naschy flick, so it is more than worthy for my collection! Besides, if there is a Naschy film that comes out on Blu-ray, I will be picking it up just to show support! Plus…come on! It’s a Naschy Werewolf flick! How could you pass on this?!?!?

Of course, the real question is going to be which version is this going to be, since there has been a few different versions released on video over the years, some with nudity, some without, some footage in some and not the other. So we are hoping that not only is Code Red doing another splendid job re-mastering the film, but that it will be uncut as well. They have reported that it will have a brand new 2K scan, so that is a great start.

assignment-terrorBut then while we were starting to write up this post, Code Red drops the bomb that they have YET ANOTHER NASCHY TITLE COMING OUT! This time it is Assignment Terror, one that not only has Daninsky the werewolf, but also a Frankenstein’s monster and the Mummy! Now I have seen more than a few different releases of this film and they have all looked like they were re-mastered with a lawn mower. If any Naschy film needed to be restored and cleaned up, I think it would be this one. Code Red has reported they are doing a new 2K scan of this title as well. All I can do, like the other two titles Code Red has announced, is pray that they do their normal stellar job with these releases.

I’m just thrilled that Code Red is taking the time and money to put work into getting these films a decent and well deserved release. We know that these are not highly sought-after titles from the normal horror watching public (which is just a damn shame) but kudos to them for doing this for us Naschy fans out there. Senor Molina would be more than proud! I also love the fact that they are using the Spanish poster art for the covers. Well done!

I know I will be pre-ordering these as soon as they become available!

Love Live Paul Naschy!

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