Naschy’s Mummy’s Revenge on Blu-ray!


One of the best bits of news I’ve heard all week, that Naschy’s 1975 film The Mummy’s Revenge (originally title La venganza de la momia) will be making its way onto Blu-ray, thanks to Code Red. They haven’t stated what extras this release will have, but honestly, as long as it is the widescreen version and hopefully uncut, then that would be fine with me. Sure, it would be great to have some interviews with maybe Jack Taylor or Helga Liné, but those definitely would be a bonus.

For a title to never get a DVD release here in the states, there are a lot of people that now will be able to enjoy Naschy’s take on the classic bandaged baddie. And his Amenhotep is one bad-ass mummy, smashing skulls like they were grapes! Can’t wait to revisit this one.

But…Code Red also mentioned that they would be announcing more Naschy titles in the coming weeks. Hmmm….I wonder which titles???

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