Fangoria: Rest in Peace???


Has Fango finally kicked the bucket? At least according to former editor-in-chief Ken Hanley, it has. He recently tweeted “For those wondering: there will likely never be another issue of FANGORIA, especially in print, unless there’s new ownership.” Right before this tweet, he posted that he was no longer with Fango, and hadn’t been since December. Why did he wait until now to post this?

But what has me even more confused is why Fango hasn’t posted anything on their site about this. Then I saw this tweet from Fango they posted about an hour ago: “FANGO Readers & Fans: Please, be weary of the false news circulating. Official message to come from our President within a day. Thank you!”

(Editor’s note….this post has now been edited to read: Readers and Fans: We’ll have an Official message from our President/Owner within a day. Thank you for your patience!)

So…the plot thickens. But since they haven’t put out a physical issue in years, can we really believe what they would tell us? I mean, every time we hear something from Fango HQ, it sounds hopeful. Even when Alexander left, he gave us the usual ‘been great, hate to leave, but going to do other stuff’ type of speech, even though he announced he was now the managing editor of the same month he left Fango. And now in reply to Hanley’s comments, he stated that Hanley had “encountered the same frustration we all did: a publisher who refused to be a publisher and stubbornly refused to help us help him.” And even stranger, with all these tales of money issues, not paying the writers, etc., that Alexander said “For the record, it did make money. I saw it make money. Not sure where that money went.” Again…plot thickens.

Well…unless you’re like me and really could care less at this point. I would hope for the best for them, and hope they can make a return from the certain grave they’ve been lying in for the last couple of years. But if they do drag themselves out, it is going to take a lot for me to even give them a second glance.


2/15/17 UPDATE: Since our original posting, Fangoria has come out with an official statement in reply to the above news that they were done. President/Owner Tom DeFeo said:

“I’d like to thank readers and subscribers for their patience as we deal with our internal issues. We will carry forward and devote our efforts to make amends with all that have been inconvenienced in our current state of affairs.”

The announcement goes on to say that the lost of advertisement was one of the reasons that the magazine was feeling a financial squeeze. Of course, maybe because ads are usually time sensitive and when you’re magazine is coming out months late, it really kind of defeats the purpose. But I digress.

As I stated above, I gave up on them some time ago. Sad, I know, especially since they really were a staple to any horror fan for many years. But with the amount of money that they probably owe subscribers that are still waiting for issues, I think it is going to be pretty tough to make this comeback. But we shall see.

One thought on “Fangoria: Rest in Peace???

  1. I’m with you. Fangoria was getting so expensive and it was offering little that you couldn’t get online. Last one I bought was the Phenomena issue. That would be a way that I’d like to see them continue. They did some great retrospectives when horror was waning in the 90s.

    Still, I’m nostalgic for the time when Fangoria was, without exaggeration, one of the most important things in my life. I will still frequently look through back issues.


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