“Revised and Updated Edition”

As a reference book collector, there are no two words that can fill one with both excitement and dread at the same time as “revised” and “updated” do. The excitement comes because we imagine there is new information that is going to make it worth double-dipping, but at the same time, the dread comes in because we wonder if these ‘extras’ are going to be worth it? Granted, this goes the same for the countless DVD and Blu-ray editions over the years. But this is where I found myself today when I was at the local bookstore and seeing not one, but two volumes that I already had in my library, but both had these words blazing across the top of the front cover.


The books in questions happen to be both on one of my favorite studios, Hammer Films, both from author Marcus Hearn, and both from Titan Books. The titles were The Hammer Vault and The Art of Hammer. The original editions are amazing, filled with tons of information, and wonderful just to page through and seeing little bits of history on each page, or incredible pieces of art. For The Hammer Vault, which originally came out in 2011, and is a scrapbook of all things Hammer. This edition is 176 pages and is filled with photos from the films, behind the scene shots, illustrations, props and so much more. It does have a few pages on the newer Hammer titles that came out in the 2000’s, such as Wake Wood, The Resident, and Let Me In. Now this new edition is 184 pages, just 8 more than the original edition and now covers the two The Woman in Black films plus The Quiet Ones.


The new version of The Art of Hammer is pretty much just like Vault. The original edition came out in 2010 and was 192 pages with the new edition having an additional 8 pages as well, making it 200 total. These new pages features 16 new posters from the newer films, Wake Wood, The Resident, Let Me In, The Quiet Ones, and both Woman in Black films.

So…the real question here…are they worth upgrading and picking up the newer editions? For most fans, especially ones that lean more towards the films from the original studio and not so much the newer titles, than I would suggest just sticking with the volumes you have. For only 8 new pages, I don’t feel it is really worth it to pick up a second time.

But if you are a completest and have to have the latest editions, even though the new material is literally a few pages, then yes, if only because of that reason. I still don’t think it is worth it, but because I’m one of those crazy collectors that need the latest volume, I just had to.

Or if you never got around to getting copies of the original editions, than definitely add these titles to your Need-To-Get list, because they are worth every penny. Both have retail prices of $34.95, but you can get Vault on Amazon for much cheaper.


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