Cult Movie Screenings

Next weekend at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Odd Obsession Movies with another midnight screening. This time it will be Richard Stanley’s Hardware (1990), coming from Stanley’s own personal 35mm print. This movie is a visual, audio, and sensory overload, all intertwined in a story about a killer robot in an apartment building. It was Stanley’s first feature film and it remains one of my favorites. Starring Dylan McDermott, John Lynch, Stacey Travis, William Hootkins, Mark Northover, and even Lemmy from Motorhead has a cameo! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to see a film like this on the big screen.

It will be screening both Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th. Make it out, otherwise, “No Flesh Will Be Spared”.
For more information on this event, just click HERE.
If you’re in the Nashville area this Tuesday, there is a screening on my favorite Paul Naschy of all time, Horror Rises from the Tomb, at the Belcourt, Nashville’s Nonprofit Film Center. The screening is at 8pm on Feb. 7th. I would love to see a Naschy film on the big screen. One of these days.
For more information about this even, just click HERE.

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