Soundtrack Review: Mary Reilly


Mary Reilly
Released by Sony Classical, 1996
13 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 45 min.
Music by George Fenton

I’ve been a fan of classic music for a very long time. The funny thing is that what drew me into that style of music was film scores. The more I listened to the classical genre, the more I discovered that there are pieces of music that can have the same emotional impact of a film score, without the visual imagery going along with it. Just the way the notes come together can still have that emotional trigger effect on the human mind. I love that about music in general. So when a piece of film soundtrack, no matter how good or bad the actual film might be, if the music can stand up on its own and still deliver a feeling of emotion, then it works. George Fenton’s score for Mary Reilly is a great example.

One of the things that I really enjoy about a score is when there is a central theme or melody that comes through throughout the score. Could be just a simple few bars, but something that has a hook that sets in your brain. Fenton does it here and I just love it. Plus, it has a great emotional sound to the score, being creepy or ominous, but also has such a sadness flowing through it, which I think is what really makes it stand out for me. Just a great score.

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