Book Review: Feeding Hannibal


Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook
By Janice Poon

Published by Titan Books, 2016. 240 pages.

Okay…am I really reviewing a cookbook here on the Krypt? As a matter of fact, I am. But this isn’t just any cookbook, but one made for a cannibal. Okay, not a real cannibal, but one of the most famous ones on TV, Hannibal Lecter. Poon was the chef and food stylist on the show that had to create all the different foods that Hannibal creates for (and of) his guests. This is a real cookbook to make real food. And it is simply art to look through.

This particular cookbook might not be for beginners or armature chefs, but might be something to challenge your culinary skills. You won’t find recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches here, but instead ones like Roasted Marrow Bones, or Clay-Baked Chicken, or even Roasted Cauliflower Brain. But just like a real cookbook, this is laid out with the recipes broken down into Breakfast, Appetizers, Mains-Meat, Mains-Fish & Vegetarian, Soups Salads & Side Dishes, and Desserts and Drinks. There is also a short introduction on different techniques and terminology, and plenty of pictures, of both the food and from shots on the set of Hannibal.

The photos are the real treat here, especially for someone who is not a chef. They are just gorgeous and show the beauty of what Poon did for that show, not to mention the fact that everything on there was real food. Simply incredible. But my favorite part of the book is the last chapter, How to Hannibalize your Table, which gives you plenty of ideas for little desserts or garnishes to take your dinner party to the next level.


If you’re a fan of Hannibal, then I would definitely say this book is a must. Just looking through the photos and remembering the different episodes and seeing this food, it makes me want to go back and re-watch them now! But even if you’re a causal fan but love to cook, then I bet you’ll find some very interesting things within these pages.

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