Dead of Winter Film Fest


So Chicago area horror fans…getting bored with all this cold weather and nothing to do? Then how about coming out on Thursday, January 26th for the first Dead of Winter Film Fest! This is a film fest highlighting some of the best Horror Short Films and will feature 11 different shorts from directors like Adam Krause, Daniel DelPurgatorio, Jerry Pyle, Jill Gevargizian, and more!

This will be held at The Den Theatre, located at 1333 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL. It will start at 7pm and go to 11pm. Seating is limited so it will be first come, first serve, so make sure you get there early. While the event is free, a suggested donation of $5. According the Facebook events page, it looks like a few of the directors will be in attendance.

Here is a list of the shorts being screened:

Gags – Dir: Adam Krause
The Muck – Dir: Tony Wash
Pity – Dir: John Pata
Body(s) – Dir: Daniel DelPurgatorio
Redhead – Dir: Joe Zerull
Service – Dir: Jerry Pyle
The Stylist – Dir: Jill Gevargizian
Other – Dir: Daniel DelPurgatorio
The Dark Hunger – Dir: Anthony Williams
Vermin Mentality – Dir: Ryan Oliver
When Susurrus Stirs – Dir: Anthony Cousins
For all the latest information, check out the Facebook Event Page HERE.


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