Soundtrack Review: Don’t Breathe


Don’t Breathe
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2016
15 Tracks with a Total Running time of 59 min.
Music by Roque Baños

Typically, I prefer for soundtracks to have a melody, or some sort of musical theme. Not that I have a problem with atmospheric soundscape-type scores since there are plenty that I quite enjoy. But it doesn’t hold a candle opera to a nice classic piece of eerie music. That being said, this score that Baños has created for Don’t Breathe is just incredible.

Now this might have something to do with the fact that it was created by using homemade instruments from Alex Ferris who has created what is called an Anarchestra. The things used to make music are about as far from typical as you can get. Baños’ idea was that since this movie took place inside a house, he wanted the sounds of the music to feel like it was coming from the house itself. So between his concept and ideas, along with the incredible sounds coming from Ferris’ instruments, they have created a very unique and highly memorable score.

Even if you don’t know what they are using to make the notes and sounds, it still builds such an intense and unnerving feel while listening to it. Even better if you listen to it in the dark, just sitting alone at home…letting the sounds float around your senses. It is for these reasons that make this score such a treat to have playing in the background.

So even though it doesn’t have the delicate and eerie piano score that I always love to hear, Baños has done a stellar job here giving us something that we’ve probably never heard before. And how it is incorporated into the film itself, and how well it works there, is another tribute to Baños’ talent as a composer and musician.

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