2016 Year in Review – Part 3: Worst Viewings

Now for the other side. I usually try to stay away from negative reviews because I would like to stay positive and push that element of the genre. There is already enough negativity on the internet. But…there are those films that I think are simply an embarrassment to the genre, and more importantly, to the fans themselves. Because these producers think they can churn out such low quality drivel and that the fans will just eat it up. Or that they themselves think this is a well made product that hasn’t already been done to death. I do think that constructive criticism is good for the filmmakers to hear. Hearing negative things about a movie could just help someone see a different angle to it. Same goes with a positive review. Yes, these are just my opinions and there might be fans out there that really enjoyed some of the below movies. Great. I’m thrilled that they were able to speak to you. Unfortunately for me, they did not. And here is why.


The Forest (2016) – A very typical Hollywood fair. Even though they had a decent idea for a story, about a real forest in Japan where people to go to commit suicide and is rumored to be haunted, they do nothing with it other than giving us the typical Hollywood jump scares, without really drawing you into these characters. That is what I mean by “typical”. A jump scare every 10 minutes does not make a horror movie. You have to care about the characters, set up mood pieces, drawn the audience in. Not just point them in one direction so you can jump from the other side and yell Boo! A film that is going to resonate with you days and weeks after you watch it. They should be better than that. And yes, the audience should expect and demand more than that.


Frankenstein (2015) – I have to give the filmmakers credit for at least trying to do something new with this age old story. I love the Frankenstein mythos and was very excited to see a new take on it. But even though have had some top quality actors in the scientists roles, the creature just didn’t work for me. I get what they were trying to do, with him being a newborn child, but they feel they missed the mark and it just didn’t work for me. And from director Rose, I would have expected much more. And 3D printing? Really?


The Other Side of the Door (2016) – Another Hollywood attempt that takes a very simple story and does nothing with it instead of filling it with jump scares. I will say that it was nice seeing the work of Javier Botet as the creature, but not even that could save it. Shame he can’t be in a big Hollywood picture where he can really show off his talents and the end results are worth seeing.


Regression (2015) – I was very disappointed with this one, since I’m an admirer of director Alejandro Amenábar, but the plot just ended up feeling muddled and like there wasn’t much of one here to begin with. Strong cast, but once you get the end, you have that “That’s it?” feeling. Not a good one to have after a feature.


Victor Frankenstein (2015) – This is just an embarrassment to Shelley, horror fans, and anybody with a brain. It even started with one of the worst posters created and went downhill from there. While James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are very talented actors, I don’t know where they were going with this, especially McAvoy, who seemed to just love to spit his lines out…literally. I’m not totally against changing a well-known storyline, as long as it makes sense and is well done. There is nothing of that here. You can just hear the producers throwing ideas at the writer to put into the film, like “lets make Igor a circus freak, except he’s not really a hunchback, but just has a cist that needs draining….and let’s make him as smart as Frankenstein too!” Just terrible and a waste of money that could have gone to about a dozen talented filmmakers that could have given us something to enjoy, inspire, and definitely not waste our time like this one did. But then again, I was dumb enough to rent and watch it, so who’s the real fool here.

Next up…BOOKS!

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