2016 Year in Review – Part 1: Those To Remember


One thing is for sure about 2016, we have lost way too many genre favorites. From actors to directors to artists to cinematographers and everyone else in between….just way too many. There were some that I consider icons, such as Herchell Gordon Lewis, who paved the way for thousands of young filmmakers. Actor Don Calfa appeared in so many sitcoms and movies but was still able to come up with so many wonderful characters. Then we have Angus Scrimm, who really only appeared in a handful of features, but it only took one role for him to forever be remembered in the hearts of us horror fans. And while actor/writer Gene Wilder was mainly known for his comedic side, along with Mel Brooks, he gave us one of the best tributes to the classic Frankenstein pictures.

But here’s the thing…while it does suck that we have lost these heroes of ours, we know that their work and their memories will continue to live on through each and every one of us out there. I know that dear old Angus will still be there yelling “BOOOOOOYYYYY!” anytime I need him to. So many great movie memories that are there, any time we need them. So yes, it is sad that they have left this world and may not give us any more new work, but we know they will continue to live on and on for what they did give us. And because we have this option, for me, it makes the loss a little easier to deal with.

Shortly after Leonard Nimoy passed away last year, there was a quote from him posted online that I felt really hit home about life. He said, “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.” But because of their work, these perfect moments can be preserved, and remembered.

There will be a lot of those “remembrance” videos posted in the next few months, that usually tend to spotlight the more well known faces, which is fine. But we all know there will be ones left out for whatever reasons. Below are the ones that I want to take notice of. Take a brief moment while scrolling down, thinking of the different performances they left us, movies they worked one, images they left us, and how they made us feel during those moments. That is how we shall honor them.

 Next up…Our Best Viewed Films in 2016!

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