Soundtrack Review: Underworld: Blood Wars


Underworld: Blood Wars
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2016
23 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 60 min.
Music by Michael Wandmacher

After listening to this score for the latest entry in the Underworld series, I have a feeling it is going to be loud and packed full of action. Or at least that is the feeling I get from this score. Wandmacher gives us a variety of emotions throughout the 23 tracks, but mainly they are filled with thundering beats, bursting horns, and faced paced rhythms, such as in Track 4, Lockdown. There are some quieter and softer tracks, or parts of them, but the real feel of this is loud and fast. Not saying this is a bad thing, but just that is the impression I’m thinking the movie is going to be like from hearing it.

I tend to like my scores more on the atmospheric side, but these kind do make the action on the screen more exciting. I mean, that is what the score should be doing right? This is just a personal preference for my own taste. But Wandmacher is good at this kind of score, making it in-your-face (or technically your ears) and really accelerates what is going on in the film itself. One thing that he does quite well here is during part of the score which might sound like a traditional orchestra, there will be a bit of an electronic sound, almost like a vibration or feedback. One might think that this wouldn’t meld well together, but it does and creates a unique sound and feel to it.

Being that most of the Underworld scores have always had an electronic score/feel to them, this one fits in nicely. If you are a fan of these films, I think you’ll enjoy what Wandmacher has done here.

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