Mystery Photo 12-19

Hello Monday! Yeah…I’m feeling the same way. But that is not going to stop us from having another Mystery Photo Monday, is it? I know our updates have not been as plentiful these last couple of weeks, but we’ve been a little busy around the Krypt here getting ready for the holidays. But have no fear, we’re still here!

Our last photo was from the hilariously twisted 2006 British film Severance from Christopher Smith. Such a demented little flick, huh? Pie, anyone? Kudos out to the following that did send in the correct guess: Hoby Abernathy, Doug Lamoreux, Lee Marohn, Kevin Matthews, Dustin Moravich, Gregg Olheiser. Well done!

Now to this week’s pictorial challenge. I tried to use a shot that shouldn’t be as easy to recognize. Wait…does that mean I’m using an easy movie title? Could be. Or maybe I’m just making you think it is, while in reality it is from some obscure little flick that few have heard of. Now would I do something like that? Anyway…give a look and then send in a guess.

Please remember not to post your answers here, but send them to us in an email to

And good luck!


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